Tue. May 21st, 2024
Sewing Upcycle Ideas Diy Upcycling T Shirt Pinterest Inspired Quick Easy How To

Do you have any sewing upcycle ideas? Well, among us must have clothes that have not been used for a long time but they are still kept. Now, you can try to recycle them to be something more useful. You can make a T-shirt that doesn’t fit can make it a more useful item. Below are some other items that you can make from your old clothes;

Shopping bags

Instead of buying, let’s try to make a bag from this shirt at home so that every time you shop it doesn’t bother you to use a plastic bag. Even though it’s not sewn, the shopping bags from this shirt can be stronger!


Do you have a big shirt? Now with a little creativity, t-shirts can be sports clothes! Just grab the scissors and watch the steps in the picture above, then become a new sports suit that is really well taken to the gym.


If the pillow at home is not cool, try making your own pillow from your old shirt. In a very, very easy way, you can make a soft and cute pillowcase or cushion. You can also fill it with used shirts or pillows in it. So yeah!


Used shirts can also be beautiful accessories. With precision and beauty, conjure up your used shirt to become a headband like the one above!

Now what? Do you still want to waste your old shirt? Use these sewing upcycle ideas to get something useful!

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