Sat. May 18th, 2024
Sew Potholders Tutorials Scrappy Potholders Tutorial So Sew Easy

If you have many scrap leftovers from previous projects, then it’s time to exploit it. You can make use of those leftover for potholders that you will never get enough of them. From some free sew potholders tutorials, you will be able to make some different shapes. This project can be followed even for a beginner. So, get inspired for making many shapes of potholder.

  1. Square Pocket potholder

The easiest sew potholders tutorials you can follow is square pocket. This is the most basic shape and will be easy for a beginner. As for its use, you better choose the strong fabrics and easy construction. This way, the potholder won’t be ruined for long time.

  1. Hanging Potholder

What about multipurpose potholder? The hanging shape will allow you to use it both as potholder and hand towel. Very interesting item. This shape regularly has a button on it. When you use as to touch the hot pan, you need to unbutton it. Meanwhile, when you are done cooking, hang it by button up on your oven handle.

  1. Hand Shape

Making your own potholder, means you can customize the size to perfectly fit with your hand. You can use your own hand to measure the size you want. Another thing you modify is the padding thickness. If you don’t feel right with the thickness on common potholder, then simply decrease the padding when you create it.

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