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Crochet Mermaid Tail Pattern 22 Free Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket Patterns Diy Crafts

If you love crocheting and want to make something unique, you may want to try the crochet mermaid tail pattern. It can be given as a sweet birthday or Christmas gift. This mermaid tail-shaped blanket will look wonderful if you choose the right pattern to make it. There are several patterns that are suitable for making this blanket. However, before we discuss further that, it will be better if you know how to read a pattern.

How to read a pattern

Before starting knitting, first identify the knit pattern symbols, so that when you see the pattern of a knitted project, you can immediately follow the pattern. Usually, this crochet knitting pattern is written in 2 kinds, namely written patterns and drawing patterns (charts).

Writing patterns are more commonly used in American and European patterns. Whereas the image pattern is widely used in Japanese pattern.

Crochet mermaid tail pattern

Actually, there are many patterns that you can try out, but the easiest patterns are:

  1.    Seed stitch

As the name suggests, this knitted motif produces small protrusions that line up like small seeds. The seed stitch pattern is very suitable for knitting scarfs and blanket because this knitting pattern produces the same knitting between the front and back sides.

  1.    The linen stitch

Linen stitch patterns are also sometimes called fabric patterns or genius patterns because it can produce two sides of knitting (front and back sides) that are very different. It will look beautiful on the mermaid tail blanket, of course.

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