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Origami Kusudama Flower How To Make How To Make Kusudama Flower Ball Kusudama Flower Bouquet

Origami kusudama flower how to make will be discussed in this article. This ball-shaped Kusudama origami is made by uniting some origami (usually pyramid-shaped origami or flowers) in such a way as to form a ball. Origami type Kusudama is very important in the development of origami because kusudama is the origin of modular origami (origami 3D).

The tools and materials needed

The first one needed is paper, you can use paper folding. Then, you also have to prepare strands and glue. Complete those tools and materials well!

How to make it?

Before that, you have to know that for one flower 5 square paper is needed which will become 5 flower petals.

  • Fold the square paper in the diagonal.
  • And now the paper shape that was square is a triangle.
  • Fold the angle of the bottom corner of the triangle towards the top of the triangle.
  • If it’s already folded, now the paper is in a square shape again.
  • Open the fold, then, fold it into a half triangle again.
  • Make sure the fold is no more than the square side below.
  • Open one of the triangular folds just by inserting a finger in one of the triangles and then smoothing it out.
  • Do the same for the other triangle.
  • After that fold the triangular portion that exceeds the bottom square in the direction towards you.
  • Look at the white triangle.
  • After that fold in again until the white triangle is closed.
  • Glue one of the new triangle parts folded. Then paste it,
  • The result of one of the flower petals has been made. If the flower petals have collected 5, it’s time to make a flower.
  • Glue on the side of the flower petals and paste the other flower petals.

That’s all about “origami kusudama flower how to make”. It is easy and beautiful, right?

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