Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
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Hello, loyal readers. Today, we will talk about a paper origami easy. Well, besides the paper origami is made as a decoration, paper origami can also be used to support our various activities. You can use the creation of paper origami for office supplies, places for jewelry, candy containers, photo frames, and the others. It has many benefits, right? Then, below are the easy ideas of paper origami that you can create:

Origami Photo Frame

If you have a photo and the photo is very important to you, then you must add the frame to the photo.

You can buy it or make it yourself. But you better make it yourself, besides saving money, of course, you will feel proud of your own work.

To add a special touch to the photo, you can make a photo frame by using colorful paperboard.

Amazing and beautiful photos, of course, with a touch of origami frames, are ready to be displayed or hanged as wall hangings. Oh yeah, if you want it better, you should combine several photos into one frame.

Origami Paper Box

If you look at it, it is certainly a very simple box origami, but you can use origami paper with the shape of the box for various purposes. These requirements can be such as a gift container or also for arranging small objects on the table. The origami looks simple but still memorable.

Then, which ideas of paper origami easy will you practice?

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