Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Origami Art Installation Origami Birds Installation Video Tati Youtube

Origami is commonly related to children fun activities at their class. But, is it really only this length? Some people break down the limitation and make it way more elaborated. They have made noticeable origami art installation where you begin to wonder that it is more than a folded paper.

A Beautiful Rainbow Wave

The artist named Jacqui Symons has strong fascination towards her environment. She couldn’t let the secondhand paper, recycled and has been used paper to go to waste. She then makes what she called as Together We Are Greater.

The appearance of her origami art installation could be described as giant rainbow wave since those 2500 units of origami are organized properly into rainbow hill. Each unit is a box folded paper which representing fragile nature. All units are hang on the ceiling that has purpose for reminding every viewer to protect nature and earth where we live in it.

Gigantic Origami Dragon

Visit the Hawaii state library and you will find gigantic sculpture of dragon. When you observe it closely, you will be able to see that it is truly a gigantic origami. With its stunning red color, the origami just becomes the most eye catching art.

The maker, Hawaii origami club tried to give the most perfect art to be standing inside the library. The thought of fiction animal that appears on many of kids’ book is the best suitable for it.

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