27 Excellent Image of Origami Projects Craft Ideas

What do you do to decorate the walls of a room? Hang a picture frame, put wallpaper or wallpaper, or choose to hang a wall clock? These three ways can indeed make the walls of the house look beautiful, but sometimes it takes a lot of money. For those of you who want cheap wall hangings, try how to make the origami paper wall decorations! below are the origami projects craft ideas for your wall decoration

An Origami paper hanging

Decorating the walls does not always have to attach decorations or direct wall hangings. You can hang on wood on the wall like how to make origami paper room wall decorations. Make origami in 3D shapes like a star or ball, then tuck the hemp rope at the end. Use different lengths of rope and origami sizes to make it look more natural.

A rainbow butterfly bridge

The way to make origami paper wall decorations in the form of a rainbow butterfly bridge is very easy. Prepare origami paper with colors according to the rainbow such as red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, and so on. At least make as many as 20 butterflies for each color. When finished, paste the butterflies in the rainbow color sequence.

A pyramid-shaped origami

How to make room wall decorations from the next origami paper for the pyramid shape? Make these origami pyramids in large quantities and small sizes. If possible, use as many colors as possible. Then arrange the pyramid-shaped origami to form an image like an animal, rainbow, or even arranged randomly. If you don’t have origami paper, you can use wrapping paper as an alternative.

Then, what do you think of the origami projects craft ideas above?

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