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How To Origami Easy Step By Step Step Step Instructions How To Make Origami A Penguin Kids

How to origami easy step by step? Well, we will guide you to make a paper jet plane origami step by step. This origami paper jet has the ability to fly between 10 and 20 meters. This is a classic airplane model that is often made by children. The making is not difficult and fast to make. Here’s a tutorial on how to make origami jet paper.

Prepare the materials!

What is needed to make this origami? The material we use is a rectangular origami paper. We don’t need any glue or scissors. But, you may have them.

How to make it?

Next, we will explain the steps of a simple paper airplane origami:

–       Prepare colored rectangular folding paper according to taste. Put letters A, B, C, D on the edge of the paper.

–       Fold the paper in half and then open it again

–       Fold A and B towards the center fold line forming a triangle

–       Fold A and B towards the center fold line

–       Fold the paper in half until the colored part is completely covered

–       Fold the sloping side parallel to the straight line until you see the colored part, then open 90o to form the wing of the aircraft. Do it on the other side.

–       If you feel the back of the plane is too long, cut the back to taste.

–       The plane is ready to fly! May the way of how to origami easy step by step in making origami plane be useful!

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