Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Origami 3d Shapes How To Make An Origami 3d Trianglehd Youtube

Hello, readers. Do you want to know about origami 3d shapes? Then, do you feel bored with plain wall paint just like that? You can decorate walls with stickers that are sold in accessories shops. Well, if you learn more about the 3d origami, you want to make a different wall decoration than usual, maybe the following method can be an inspiration to decorate your room’s walls.

You can make heart-shaped wall hangings with beautiful 3D effects. Then what do you need?

The materials you should have

In making this 3d origami, you only need paper, double tips, pencils, paper glue, and scissors.

The Tutorials

Follow the steps below to succeed in making love origami 3d!

  • Prepare paper to be used as wall hangings. Heart shape images on paper of various sizes.
  • Cut all the heart shape pictures neatly.
  • Cut the ends of the hemispheres slightly, fold the paper back slightly, so the paper is slightly bulging. This will give the impression of 3 dimensions.
  • Glue the folded part. Glue it.
  • After all, hearts are ready. Give a double tip behind it.
  • Paste it on the wall. so bro.

Well, it’s very easy, right? The wall will definitely look beautiful and different from before. You can also combine paper colors to make them more colorful. So, you can try to practice the other origami 3d shapes.

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