27 Creative Photo of Diy Origami Easy

At this time, we will try to teach you to make an origami creation by yourself. This DIY origami easy will guide you well. Then, one more thing, Tulip flower origami is a simple origami that can be made by children pre-school and kindergarten. This tulip-shaped origami is suitable as a birthday greeting card, Mother’s Day greeting card, or other decoration. Make this origami in a variety of colors, paste it in a row on a school wall magazine or a class bulletin board, it will definitely look prettier. You can do it yourself then teach your children or students. See the explanations below!

What Do You Need?

One thing that you only need is a paper. To make it, the paper which is used is a rectangular folding paper. Prepare it!

Let’s Create the Tulip Flowers

Here’s how to make origami tulips:

(a) Fold the paper up diagonally to form a triangle.

(b) Fold the paper back into a smaller triangle, pressing the fold.

(c) Open the fold so that the folding line is visible.

(d) Take the lower right corner of the triangle, fold it upwards, also do it at the left end.

(e) Take the right end, fold a little to the inside, do it also at the left end.

(f) Become an origami tulip.

Combining with origami flower stems will make it more attractive. Well, do you ever make DIY origami easy?

Macuca Romina

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