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What is an easy origami for kids? Now, this time we will again give you a way to fold origami paper to make owl papercraft origami for low-grade kindergarten and elementary school children. The method is very easy, just a few steps fold. So children who have just been introduced to origami can make it, of course with a little help from the teacher or parents. Immediately, we see how to make the following.

The First Step

Prepare a piece of origami paper, place it on the table. Next, fold the paper from the top corner to the bottom corner.

The Second Step

Next, reopen the paper fold. We need folds to help other folds later. Then, fold the origami paper from the right end of the corner to the left corner. In the next step, the paper fold is opened again. Next, fold the upper corner of the corner to follow the lines of the crease. The folds are made heading down as much as about one-third of the horizontal fold line.

The Third Step

Then, from the bottom corner, fold the paper upwards to follow the center line of the crease until it reaches the end of the small fold above it that was just made before. The two ends of the pointed fold meet. Then fold the end of the right angle into the center of the paper. There is a previous crease line to help you get to the desired point.

The Fourth Step

Repeat the previous step by folding the corner of the left corner towards the center line. Now both ends of the left and right corners of the origami paper meet in the middle following the lines of the crease.

The Fifth Step

Next, we will make a fold to form the beak of the owl. The trick, fold the corner of the corner in the middle of the origami paper (the end of which is mostly folded from the side of the fold), heading down. Now, simple origami owl animal shapes are finished. Just a little finishing touch.

The Sixth Step

Use markers to draw the eye and give accents to the wings on the newly created origami.

Hopefully, the steps of an easy origami for kids can make it easier for teachers or parents to teach their kids.

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