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Crochet Freeform Tutorial Crochet Freeform Scrumble Tutorial 2 Part 1 Of 2 Freeform Crochet

Crochet freeform tutorial can help you to make a turtle keychain. It is a cute crochet project for anyone. Here are some ways on making it.

Materials of Making a Crochet Freeform Tutorial

There are some materials used for making a turtle keychain. You will need some materials to crochet this keychain.  Prepare green and yellow cotton yarn, hakpen in size 4, a needle, doll eyes, a key chain, dacron, and glue.

How to Make a Crochet Freeform Tutorial

There are several steps to do in making crochet freeform. Firstly, you should make two flat rounds with the following patterns. Prepare green yarn. You make line 1 to line 12 for 6 punctures of the needle.  If you need it, you should make three times of the punctures. To make a head, hands, and feets, you should prepare yellow yarn. You should make line 1 to 9 with 4 to 12 punctures. Then, you have to cut yarn for 20 to 30 cm to combine a head, hands, and feet to the part of the body.

For the finishing process, make one of two flat rounds by sewing it. Don’t forget to fill it with dacron. Fulfill it to the part of head, hands, and feet. Then, sew it to the part of the turtle. Glue the doll eyes on the part of a turtle with the glue. Give a key chain. Those are some ways on crochet freeform tutorial.

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