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The most common and general thing that we often find in knitting is I-cords. Surely, everyone wants to crochet it. Then, how to do it? Is it easy or difficult? Well, you have to know that it is important to learn about crochet icord tutorial because its technique is used to make edging, handle, drawstring and the others.

Most people think that crocheting a rope is very difficult so that they choose to avoid it. It is because this crochet involves some stitching which is confusing and also the starting chain is perfectly longer. But, this method of knitting basically can be applied and accomplished easily. Let’s crochet the I cords step by step!

Things that you need of yarn and hook. Whatever the yarn and hook type can be used. That’s according what in your mind is. In this article, the hook used is 6 mm and the yarn used is a yarn of t-shirt.

Step 1

You have to chain two.

Step 2

Your hook should be entered or inserted into the chain, exactly the second of it. Then, pull it up to the round or loop.

Step 3

Then, your hook should be a way of the loop.

Step 4

Between your finger of middle and thumb, the fallen loop should be held in order that it is tight. Give the yarn over. Then, you should pull them up with one loop

Step 5

The fallen loop should be placed back into a hook of yours. So, the hook of yours is two now.

Step 6

The next, you should Yarn over again and with a loop, the yarn should be pulled. It is to make a stitch of chain.

Step 7

How long will the rope be? To get what you want about it, you should repeat the three until six ways.

Those are what you should do to practice that crochet icord tutorial.

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