Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Crochet Trivets Hot Pads Pot Holders Double Thick Potholder Free Crochet Pattern Yay For Yarn

The hod pads and trivets are so versatile. When you pull up the hot dish or just right from the stove, then you do not want to place directly to your table or your plate can burn the surface. Then you can these crochet trivets hot pads pot holders that give you some options to make your own hot pads and trivets.

Snowflake-pattern bottle

This is very easy trivet gives you with more dimension from the bottle caps. It looks like the snowflake and it is an interesting design for times when you just want to arrange the winter theme design.

Pretty potholder or hot pad

This is the super big potholder which serves you with double functions and can be used as the hot pad as well. This is so versatile and very easy to make.

Flower design

The thick trivet is so comfortable has flower-shaped. This design is so thick because it was knitted with fabric strips. If you have some scrap fabrics or textiles around your house, then you can try this fun and beautiful pattern. You can try those crochet trivets hot pads pot holders which mostly easy to make and so versatile.

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