27 Great Image of Origami Tessellations Hexagons

If we look around us, we must have seen tiled floors. The tiles we see are definitely repetitive patterns of certain shapes. tiles with certain patterns are visual images of tesselation. Tessellation itself comes from the word “tessella” which is a Latin language that means a small box used by the Romans to make tile designs or small mosaics. So, this article invites you to talk about the origami tessellations hexagons.

Understanding origami tessellation

Origami Tessellations are folded geometric designs from one sheet of paper, creating a complex pattern which is a repetition of Mountain Fold and Valley fold. Starting with simple square Tillings to very complicated shapes. Inspiration Patterns and designs formed arise from Islamic art so that now tessellation develops into realistic art, such as the formation of facial structure models of tesselation.

One of the basic patterns of origami tessellations: origami hexagon tessellations

In Origami Tessellations there are 3 basic patterns commonly used, namely:


Equilateral triangle


In Making the Origami Tessellation model the first step taken is to make the basic pattern which is also called the Pre-Creased Grid. The next one this Grid that will be formed by us becomes very interesting complex folds.

Those are the simple explanations about origami tessellations hexagons.

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