Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Knitting Pattern Christmas Stocking Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns For Real Christmas Feel

Besides Christmas tree, stocking is like a must available item during Christmas. Making beautiful Christmas stocking is actually not difficult to do.

What you should master

In order to make knitting pattern Christmas stocking, the basic things of crocheting that you should be able to make are:

  1.    Half double crochet (henceforth, HDC) punches

You who have not been able to make it can learn how to do at some tutorial crocheting video.

  1.    Backstitch

Although it is very easy and seems trivial, mastering back stitch is essential if you want to be able to knit a beautiful Christmas stocking.

How to make it

Take two strands of wool yarn, then make a slip knot with a 30 cm or more tail. After that, make HDC sticks until it reaches the same length and width. Cut the yarn with 15cm or more thread tail. Enter one of the threads into the tapestry needle, and slide the needle along the top chain of the HDC stitch next to the needle.

The next thing you have to do is insert the thread tail along the top row and pull the thread until the sheet forms round. Then, sew both sides of the sheet with a trail stick. Turn off the thread and fold the other side of the sheet. Bring both sides together with a stab stick, then turn off the thread. To make the top of the socks, connect with the HDC stitch around the circle of the foot.

If you follow the tips on how to make knitting pattern Christmas stocking, you will definitely be able to make your own adorable stocking for Christmas

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