30 Pretty Image of Norwegian Knitting Pattern Hat

Many people believe that knitting tradition is originated from Denmark and then brought to Norway. History tells us that the west coast of Norway is a harbor where luxury items are imported from around the world, including the embroidered garments. And now, the typical Norwegian pattern becomes more and more popular due to its unique and authentic design. This design is usually applied in sweaters or hats. In making Norwegian knitting pattern hat, you will definitely need to master various knit stitches and basic pricks of crocheting.


When going to make a chain, first you should start by making a circle. There are various ways to make a circle at the beginning of crochet knit. In this article, we will show you how to make a circle without making chain stitches.

First, take the thread from the roll and put the tail thread to the left. Then, pull the tail thread so that the circle is closed. Next, you should start making single crochet stitch.

Single crochet

Single crochet is the very basic knitting technique that you should master. You can make a scarf just by using this single crochet. You can try to make 21 chain stitches or more, depending on the preferred size. Then enter the pen in the second chain from the end, because the number one chain is calculated as the first single stitch. Take the yarn, so that it forms 2 circles. After that, take the yarn and put it in the two circles, this is what is called a single crochet stitch.

Half Double Stitch

To make this stitch, you need to hook the thread on the needle and then start pricking in chain 3. Pull the needle so that you will have three loops. Hook the thread on the needle, then pull it straight through the loop. Start a new puncture again, and do a double stitch.

If you are able to master at least those three stitches, you will be able to make Norwegian knitting pattern hat more easily.

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