Sat. May 18th, 2024
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Knitting is a fun skill. You can create any useful item with any pattern you want. You can knit whatever you want to wear start from scarf, sweater or even socks. Norwegian knitting pattern socks may be a good choice to elevate your skill. It challenges you with complicated pattern, but also serves you beautiful motif. Here are some Norwegian knitting pattern socks you can start to create.

Lusekofte Socks

As its name, the socks was inspired by traditional Norwegian lusekofte from the 19th century. Even though it features black and white color, but it serves your rich motif.  You will find one big star on the heel which is very fashionable. Knitting the socks start from the top right to the toe. It gives you wide toe and banded heel. The lusekofte utilize stockinette stitch as well as Kitchener stitch.

Norwegian Snowfall Socks

This Norwegian knitting pattern socks give you warm and rustic vibrate. Typically, on Norwegian pattern, it uses warm dark blue or grey as base color. The motif would be in white. This cozy pattern socks will be the best accompany through your winter. It is not only great for you but also would be a great gift for your beloved ones.

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