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Colorwork Knitting Patterns Hats 10 Free Fair Isle Knitting Patterns On Craftsy

Hello, readers. Do you like colorful knitting? You may like and love it. Well, this article will explain you information about colorwork knitting patterns hats. This colorwork hat is a baby hat. Really, it will be an amusing work for you who have had a cute baby. This colorwork hat of baby means that the hat has not only one color but also two or more colors in which the colors will beautify the hat impression. That makes the baby wearing it seems cuter and more adorable. So, let’s discuss it!

The material

You need some materials such as:

  • Knitting/wool yarn
  • Knitted hook
  • Wool needle
  • Scissor
  • Webbing

How to make

After preparing the materials, let’s do it!

  • Tie the thread on the knitted hook! Make a circle slip on the tip of the hook with your thread.
  • Empathic chain! Make four chain stitches from the thread circle on the knitted hook
  • Make a circle!
  • Make a double stitch into the center of the circle in your first round!
  • Duplicate the double stitch you made! For the second round, make two chains in the previous chain.
  • Make a pattern that changes from a double stitch to switch two!
  • Add amount
  • Complete rounds 5 to 13!
  • Turn and continue!
  • Make decorative sides with different hanging thread colors
  • Tie the ends!

Those are the ways to colorwork knitting patterns hats.

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