Tue. May 21st, 2024
Stranded Knitting Patterns Simple Colorwork Help Holding Yarn For Stranded Knitting On Craftsy

What are the stranded knitting patterns simple? It is a kind of pattern of knitting or crochet with small details spreading on the entire piece. The pattern is made from the yarn with another color, commonly; it is in contrast with the basic. So, what are the items looking good with this pattern? Check them out.

Female Wallet

To keep your money, you can make a wallet with your own ideas and designs. Well, the stranded knitting pattern is the best idea to beautify this item. Interestingly, the wallet with stranded knitting pattern is the best knitting item for the beginner to try and practice.


Scarf tends to be easier to make as it is only in the form of a sheet. However, it may take a longer time since the size tends t be bigger. Well, the next product which is good to make along with the stranded knitting pattern is the scarf. So, do you want to try?


This is the bigger version of the female wallet. As long as you have known the basic way to make a wallet, it should be easier for you. However, you need to be more accurate since the stranded details must be more also.


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