Tue. May 21st, 2024
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Leftover fabric is different from flannel fabric. It is the rest of fabric got from convection or sewers. It looks useless but it can be used to make arts sewing scrap projects leftover fabric. These are some sewing projects with leftover fabric.

A Doll

It can be created to be a doll. You can give it as a gift. The doll is not identical to kids only. It is suitable for adults. The doll can be a decorative ornament in your room or a living room. If you give a doll from leftover fabric, you can make it based on your desired character. You don’t find it at a higher price. You can make it at home.


It is not to be an accessory only. You can make a mat to be a form of sewing scrap projects leftover fabric. It can be a useful thing. The creation is beneficial. It is able to reduce fabric waste to keep your room clean. Moreover, if you get bored on the common motifs of the mat, you can get free of your creativity.


The last sewing scrap projects leftover fabric are blanket. In a rainy season, a blanket is necessary. It is not always expensive but it makes you warm. You can use leftover fabric to make an amazing blanket. You can create colors and motifs with the leftover to be a beautiful blanket.

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