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Ravelry Knitting Patterns Baby 5 Free Ravelry Knitting Patterns For Babies Youtube

Have you ever heard about Ravelry? This name is pretty familiar for those who love crocheting and often look for some pattern inspirations from the Internet. Yes, Ravelry is a website where crocheters and knitters can find any knitting-related information that they need to know. And, what makes people love this site is because it is completely free. There are also several Ravelry knitting patterns baby that you can find in this site.

Stitch Garter Pattern

This simple and beautiful knitting pattern is most often suggested for beginners who are just learning to make patterns. Because the process of making this knitting pattern is not too complicated, you will certainly be able to make it. You just need to knit all the lines and can also use only one thread type and color. However, that does not matter because it will result is a unique and beautiful knitting pattern, with large bulge accents.

Seed Stitch Pattern

As the name suggests, the seed stitch knitting pattern is made in such a way so that its shape looks like small seeds. When you knit this pattern, the front and back sides will look the same. That is the reason why this pattern is suitable for knitting a scarf or a baby blanket.

Checkerboard pattern

This knitting pattern starts to be rather complicated because it combines two colors of yarn to produce a checkerboard shape like a chessboard. In fact, even if you only use one thread, the knitting technique applied to this pattern will still produce a checkered pattern, but with the same color

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