Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
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Do you have an old t-shirt that you still keep until now? You definitely have but, you let it be useless. Well, this article will inform you about sewing t-shirts refashion. You can change your old t-shirt to be a new one with a new model that you like. For example of this article, you can change your t-shirt to be Lace t-shirt.

The way to refashion your t-shirt is very easy and simple. However, it will be cuter t-shirt than before. Then, it does not take a long time to refashion it. You need 30 minutes only to finish it. It is pretty simple, isn’t it? So, see the explanations below!

The materials and tools

To refashion your old t-shirt as the example of this article, you need:

A new or old t-shirt with black color. Because the theme is refashioning, it is better to use your old black t-shirt.

The black lace of yard. You do not need more, only 1/4.

The machine of sewing. Whatever your type machine, just use it!

The steps to refashion the lace t-shirt

Follow these easy steps!

–       Cut your lace to square with size 1 1/2″. Put that squares on your t-shirt and arrange it based on the design you make. Do not forget to pin the lace. For      example, you may line your squares up in the straight line, point to point.

–       Through the squares of your lace, start to sew line, exactly straight line. It is to attach the lace. You can make some rows for it.

–       After you have sewn all of the lace rows, the new lace t-shirt is ready to wear and show off. You may wear it for shopping or the other activities you like.

Well, do you want to refashion your old t-shirt? Use these sewing t-shirts refashion!


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