Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
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In your day, you definitely need a washcloth. You do not need to buy it if you can knit it well. However, you need some good ideas for the washcloth knitting pattern. Then, what are they?

A Washcloth of Rainbow

This pattern of a washcloth is different from other washcloth patterns. The design of this pattern shows a center of seed stitch and a stitched border of the small garter. It is not only good for cleaning your hand or face but also good for cleaning any dishes. So, let’s create this rainbow washcloth with a colorful work. Make it be your house gift.

A Circular Washcloth

If you want to have a beautiful washcloth with a unique and different shape, you can practice the pattern of a circular or round washcloth. The wedge sections of it are eight sections. Then, the shape is very simple as if you can finish all it before you get the needle. This washcloth also has other functions such as it can be a trivet.

A washcloth of honey bee

If you practice this washcloth pattern, you will see how beautiful and cute your washcloth will be as if you really fall in love with the honey bee. Then, you may never use it to scrub your face, hand, or dishes because it is too cute. It may seem too simple, but, all of the tiny bees change it to be more interesting and amazing.

Then, which washcloth knitting pattern do you like?

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