Tue. May 21st, 2024
Knitting Pattern Christmas Ornament 11 Festive Free Knitted Christmas Ornaments

Do you want to decorate your house when Christmas time comes? You do not need to buy any expensive things to decorate your Christmas place. You can make a handmade ornament for it by knitting everything you can. You may knit something to add on the Christmas tree, to hang on the wall, or knit a gift for your lovely one. The most important is you knit something to decorate your home. If you apply it in your special Christmas moment, you surely will try to make it again in some years later and your friends around you will feel as if they want to steal it from your house.  Besides that, this time is good for you to improve your knitting skill. Well, below are some examples of knitting pattern Christmas ornament that can inspire you:

A Pattern of Knitting Gingerbread Man

To make this cute gingerbread man as Christmas ornament, you can use and shape the simple knitting and crochet perfectly. Then, you can create its button by using the scrap yarn which is colorful an fantastic. Then, you also can add other details such as a scarf to make it cuter and more adorable.

A Ribbon Tree of Christmas

The other unique handmade Christmas ornament that you can create is a ribbon tree. To make it, you need to use the basic stitches of knitting and crochet. Make it while you have fun and see it will beautify your Christmas tree.

Those are the knitting pattern Christmas ornament ideas.

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