Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Knit Blanket Pattern Easy Afghan Knitting Patterns Afghans Pinterest Free Pattern

These patterns do not take you long to get cozy inside your home. This knit blanket pattern is not only to make your home stay warm in the cold night but also add more fun colors in your house. You do not have to worry because you do not have to become a professional knitter to make these beautiful blankets. These patterns are great for the beginner.

Fresh green throw

This easy blanket can be your great project for a charity donation. All you need is big needles and open stitches mean that you will succeed to make it in a flash.

Easy texture throw

This is very easy afghan which features with 6 rows 13 stitches for the stitch and cables. You can use the worsted weight yarn and this is very easy to make.

Graphic blanket

This is very easy repetitive chevron stitch by using the big yarn to make the fast throw. It was rated os eas or even easy to understand by beginners.

Block blanket knitting pattern

This lovely stitch sampler blanket will catch your interest anytime you knitting it – this is a very smooth knitting pattern that you can try.

Colorful blanket

You are able to brighten your room with this colorful knit blanket pattern.

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