Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
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Hello friends, today, we will discuss theme of knit fabric patterns. Well, you are of course familiar with T-shirts or t-shirts. This simple fashion design item is always in demand by many people because it is very comfortable when worn. Based on the design of the shirt and its constituent structure, there are at least various kinds of knits on t-shirts that are commonly produced by fabric factories. Among them are plain knit, double knit, and knit pique. Check it out!

Plain Knit (Single Knit)

Plain knit or single knit, is a type of knitting that has a flat surface on the top and different sides at the bottom, so it cannot be worn back and forth. By some fashion designers, this plain knit is used more for making T-shirts, promotional shirts, casual shirts, and polo shirts.

Double Knit

Unlike plain knitting, double knit or double knit as a whole has the same upper and lower surface so that it can be used back and forth. The knitted structure is fairly sturdy, tight, elastic, soft, not wavy, and has good resistance and stability. This type of knitting is very suitable for making sports uniforms, baby clothes, T-shirts, and other fashion accessories.

Knit Pique

Knit pique is one type of knitting that has a texture, style, or motif. Like double knit, this type of knit also cannot be used back and forth.

Well, which knit fabric patterns above do you like?

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