Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
Quick Knitting Patterns Original Vintage Knitting Pattern Ba Cardigans Jackets Or Coats

Do you want to make a new motif for hand-knitted crafts? Here are some kinds of simple and quick knitting patterns that you can add the elements to your product. let’s review one by one!

The Stockinette pattern

This one pattern might look very easy to make, the shape produced from this pattern is in the form of a straight line, to make the work interesting so in this pattern, 3 different colors are used resulting in beautiful shape with several color combinations used. The existing straight line shape can be square and also rectangular. The edges of the knit are also made like rolling.

Stitch Garter Pattern

This one pattern is probably the most basic pattern in making a knit, because if you want to learn to make items from knit, maybe you can start with this one knit pattern, because the technique is more simple and easy to do, which indeed suitable for knitting beginners.

The technique is very easy to make, which is only knitting all the lines, the color used is also only with one color. Even so, the results are also very interesting why not lose with the other patterns. Furthermore, there is also a Seed Stitch pattern, the knits produced by this technique are also very unique and these knits are small in size, like seeds. Usually, this pattern is used to make a scarf.

Those are two examples of simple and quick knitting patterns.

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