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Crochet Infant Sweater Very Easy Crochet Cardigan Sweater Jumper Tutorial Ba And

This article will provide you a crochet infant sweater in which it will discuss the yarn which is good to make a sweater for baby. What is the yarn?

The characteristics of baby sweater yarn

So what characteristics are suitable for the baby? Clearly choose which:

  • Comfortable on sensitive baby’s skin
  • Smooth, or not rude.
  • Fresh, it’s not hot (well, according to our conditions in tropical countries).
  • Not making allergies (returning to the sensitivity of each skin).

The yarn suitable for baby sweaters

Each thread has its own characteristics, and the problem is to use which depends on your taste and budget size.

For knitting yarns suitable for babies, knitters usually like to use wool yarn. Generally, this thread is warm. The thickness of the thread is not always directly proportional to warmth. Yarns from alpaca fibers are generally warmer than ordinary wool (in the same yarn thickness).

The surface of the thread when held by the hand there is something that feels rough like sharp fibers (generally 100% wool that is not superwash), until it feels smooth and soft (superwash merino wool, for example).

This thread is suitable for clothes that want to be warm like sweaters, hats, vests, scarves, etc. to knit baby clothes such as sweaters, choose a wool yarn that does not shed much and feels soft on the hands.

Now, no more confusion about the yarn for a crochet infant sweater, right?

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