Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Tshirt Crochet Rug Diy Crochet T Shirt Yarn Rug Tutorial Youtube

Try this t-shirt crochet rug project with easy and no complex instruction need to follow. This is another way on how you can repurpose your old T-shirt. Here are guides to make a t-shirt crochet rug and create a custom rug for your home.

  • Step 1. Get the fabric. Get the one with most or 100% cotton material and do not have print, or less, preferably, only in above on the arm line. You also need to find a fabric that has consistent weight.
  • Step 2. Create the fabric yarn.  There are many yarn t-shirt tutorial available on the internet. Choose the one that easiest to follow or you can choose this example. Cut the old t-shirt with under arm line and under any printed mark in the fabric. Fold the t-shirt from one side to other side and leave about 1 inch short from the actual ends meeting (this is the 1-inch allowance). Cut the t-shirt into 1.5-inch strips, and avoid the 1-inch allowance. The thicker strips result in thicker yarn and just as the opposite. Do not cut too thin or the yarn will not form.
  • Step 3. Ball up the yarn.
  • Step 4. Starting to crochet.  You can make your own crochet pattern with different color or print.  Make t-shirt crochet rug is a craft that will give you never end usage of cloth.

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