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Crochet Infant Hat Patterns Free Pattern Crochet Bow And Ribbon Ba Hat Classy Crochet

There are so many crochet infant hat patterns, but they are not always easy to make. Here, we will show you one of the easiest crochet infant hat patterns that even a beginner can make. You can make it a little bit oversized, with a design that looks like a Slouch. There are at least three patterns that you should follow.

Down Pattern

Make the chains as many as you want, until you get the preferable length. After you got the preferable length of chains, flatten them, and make a single stitch to the first chain from the needle. You should make single chains until you reach the beginning part of the chain. After that, you should reduce stitches and then repeat the procedure.

Central pattern

Turn the pattern so that the crab stitch is positioned below. You will start making the top of the hat. Unplug your marker, you can start the top pattern from anywhere, but suggest not above the previous marker.

The top pattern

Now you should start reducing the stitches to close the top hat. Flip the hat so that the inside is outside, so this is actually the inside of the raspberry stitch. Do not forget to move the marker to the top so that it is closer to the part we are working on. Do knitting so that the last raspberry stitch is positioned on the right.

Turn the hat inside to the outside, attach the tapestry needle to the rest of the thread. Insert the needle into every single crochet until it turns to the beginning. Pull the thread so that the top circle of the cap closes. Sew the remaining threads to make sure the top of the cap is tightly closed.

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