Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
Crochet Scoodie Pattern Crochet Scoodie Schoodie Free Pattern Crochet Neck Pinterest

Do you want to make a scoodie on your own? Here we have a crochet scoodie pattern tutorial that may help you. This pattern is easy enough to make a knitted scarf with a hoodie. It only uses one type of stitch namely double crochet or double stitch. First, you need to create 28 chains, and then start the first line.

Line 1

Make one double crochet in the third chain from the needle, and make chain 1. After that, make one double crochet in the same chain as the previous double crochet, and then skip two chains. Make three double crochet in the next chain before you skip two chains again. Make one double crochet, one chain, and one double crochet again in the next chain. You just need to repeat the steps, make two chains, and then turn it back.

Line 2

Make one double crochet at the first chain space or in the middle of the V stitch, and then chain one, and add one double crochet in the very same place. After that, add three double crochets in the middle of the group of three double crochets in the previous row. Repeat the steps, and then add one double crochet above the last two chains. Make two chains, and turn back. Repeat the stitches in line two until you get the desired length. This crochet scoodie pattern is pretty easy to follow, isn’t it?

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