Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
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It is great to have a hobby like sewing since we can use our imagination and creativity through it. It’s a kind of refreshment, don’t you think? If you want to start having sewing as your hobby, you can do one of various sewing DIY projects below. Just follow the instruction.

Making Your Own Sun Glasses Case

  • All you have to do is prepare the scraps of two coordinating fabrics and fusible fleece. After that, you should have four fabrics of 7.5 inch by 4.5-inch rectangles from those two. Next, join the fleece with the outer fabric’s wrong side. Cut it about 0.5 inches of the length so it becomes shorter than the inner one.
  • Before starting to sew, you have to match the rectangles. Sew around the rectangles’ edges with the right sides together. While doing that, leave open of one of the shortest ends. Turn out the inner one you have just sewed right and then thrust it down into the outer one (the wrong side). After that, you have to match up all of the top edges and sew around them but you have to leave a small opening to make you able to turn it. Next, turn the right sides out and then thrust the inner one to the outer one with a smaller edge to show on the top. Make it all flat and stitch all around the top.

So, go picking your fabric and be creative with it. You can see that by sewing anything including a sunglasses case, you can save your money.

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