Thu. May 23rd, 2024
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If you are not familiar with the term “scrapghan”, well, it is actually an afghan created of scraps. The patterns are usually classical and timeless. If you are looking for new patterns for your afghan, here are simple scrapghan crochet granny square ideas you can try.

#1. Magical Springtime Crochet Granny Square

In this crochet granny square idea, you will find a six-petaled crochet flower placed at the center of the craft. This pattern also comes with bright colors to cheer up your room. Overall, the pattern shaped into a square with six hexagons built inside.

#2. Square Beaulieu Blanket Scrapghan Crochet Granny

This is another scrapghan crochet granny square that you should put on your DIY project list. The project comes with three different designs for smaller squares that surround the big one in the center.

#3. Leaves Crochet Granny Square

Need something to remind you of fall season? The leaves crochet granny square pattern might become the best choice. In this pattern, a handful of leaves are arranged into a pinwheel. Then, they should be stitched them on the top of the basic granny square pattern.

#4. Raindrops Crochet Granny Square

You will soon fall in love with the color and texture of the design. It is completed with a rainbow crochet hexagon and granny square pattern to evoke delight.

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