Thu. May 23rd, 2024
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Dried leaves can be ‘transformed’ into fun and beautiful items for home decoration such as crochet dreamcatchers wall hangings. Then, how to make the dried leave dream catcher creations for your hanging wall?

Tools and Materials

Let’s get the following things!

–       Dried leaves

–       Duplex paper

–       Plate

–       Scissor

–       Paper hole puncher

–       Poster paint

–       Brush

–       Small rope

–       Wool yarn

–       Beads

How to Make It?

Below are the instructions to make this creation:

–       Use a plate to make a circle pattern on duplex paper. Then make a smaller circle inside. Then cut the inner circle so that it forms like a ring or donut.

–       With a paper hole, make a hole in the ring to form a star pattern, then make three holes at the bottom of the ring.

–       Next paint the front and back of the ring with a favorite color, let it sit until it dries.

–       Cut 3 threads each 15 cm long, then enter the beads. Tie the colored leaves first or chicken feathers at the ends.

–       Cut the wool yarn about 80 cm (adjust the length of the ring), then insert the wool yarn from the leftmost hole on the ring, tie it until the strap does not move. Create a star pattern by inserting wool yarn into the hole at the top, then the rope moves to the lower right, then to the middle left, and finally to the middle right.

–       Tie the rope that has been filled with beads on the bottom hole. Hang a dream catcher in a window or yard.

Wow, the steps of crochet dreamcatchers wall hangings are very funny and easy to do, right?

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