Tue. May 21st, 2024
Crochet Icord Border Attaching I Cord To Worked Sts Youtube

I cord has many functions. In addition to practical functions as a bag handle, I cord can also be used as a decoration. Below are steps of making crochet I cord border that is easy to follow.

For crochet Icord border, you need a double pointed needle or circular needle. First, you have to make two stitches or casts on. Then, slide it to the other end of the needle so that the inner circle of the thread occupies the outermost position. Then, make the bottom or knit, pull it tightly, and then continue until it is finished.

There are other ways to crochet Icord border with the thickness you want. First, you have to make two chains. Next, you can make four, five, or six single crochets (depending on how thick I cord you want), in the first chain (second position from the needle). Then, you need to continue this step like making a spiral, by making single crochets in a circle, or what is often referred to as a back loop. Repeat this step continuously until you get the desired length.

Even though at first it seems a bit complicated, making an I cord is very easy to do, isn’t it? All you need to pay attention to is the accuracy and precision when making single crochets in a spiral pattern.

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