Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
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Do you want to give a handmade gift to your boyfriend, husband, brother, or father? If you do, this crochet neckwarmer for men may be worthed to try. This is a neckwarmer with a very easy pattern and is suitable for beginners.

The pricks and the materials needed

You will only need three kinds of pricks. The first is the cast on, the second is the knit and the last one is bound off. To make a nice neckwarmer for men, you will need a roll of cotton yarn and a pair of small 3 mm knitting needles. If you use UK size, it is equal to needle number 11, and needle number 3 for Japanese size.

The patterns

For the first line, you should make 45 stitches of the cast on, and the knit along the second line until it reaches the desired size. For the end line, you should make a bind off. It will result in a simple but beautiful pattern. The front and the back will be of the same pattern.

The advantages of knitting with cotton threads and small needles, the result will be more flexible and not rigid. But the drawback is the long process that will take your time because the thread is small and you have to do a lot of stitches in making crochet neckwarmer for men.

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