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Crochet Icord Bracelet How To Crochet A Bracelet 3d Romanian Point Lace Cord Youtube

It’s not too difficult to make crochet icord bracelet. I-cord in knitting/crocheting usually used to make long rope or tube-tube motifs for knitting decoration. What you need to prepare is only 2 DPNs(Double pointed Needle / two-pointed needle). The abbreviation below may help you to understand the steps.

Step :

  1. Take one DPN needle, make cast on or the first stitch according to the amount of CO written on the pattern (usually 3-4 sts)
  2. Knit the first row, but don’t turn the knit
  3. Move the STS to the other end of the needle (still on the same needle)
  4. Take the 2nd DPN needle, Knit

Repeat the steps 2-4 to the desired I-cord length.

Then bind it off, or continue knitting according to the pattern.

It is important to note that If you don’t have DPNs, you can use ordinary one-pointed knitting needles. To do so, after you knit one line, remove the STS from the needle, return the position of STs, then insert the needle again with the upside down position (the STS that connects to the reading thread is on the inside). Knit again, return again until you get your crochet icord bracelet design as you wanted.

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