Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Crochet Icord Pattern Free I Cord How Tos Exposed Knit Crochet Patterns Lessons Worcester

I-chord is one of the most common knittings, however, do you know how to knot them? You should know that crocheting cords are very important to make handles, drawstrings, edging and so on. There are many people avoid the crochet rope because it often relates to the long starting chain. But this crochet icord pattern free is easier to get.

Here some steps to knit I-cord

Firstly, you only need two double-point needles or just using the circular needle. I-cord usually uses around 3 to 5 stitches. Then slide your stitch into another end of a needle, this is why you use the double-point needles. Now, you have the right side which facing your and the working yarn in your left-hand needle. You can knit to the right stitch in your left-hand needle, start to pull off this needle to the back to begin the next row. Pull of this yarn to the back which closes your tube. Give a beautiful touch when you work on the first stitch. Keep repeating until the cable reaches the length that you want.

I-cord also has so many uses, such as the making shoulder straps in the tank top, bay harbor ties as well. You can choose crochet icord pattern free based on your need.

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