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Stranded Knitting Patterns Free Ravelry Fair Isle Cuffs Pattern Julie Williams Stranded Knitting

Well, this article will discuss and describe the stranded knitting patterns free Ravelry in which it is all about knitting patterns from some people as the owner of a store. Below are two easy stranded patterns.

The Secret Stranded Pattern

As the owner of Ravelry store, Julie H published this secret stranded pattern. This one is of course about knitting with mittens category. On February 2013, this pattern was published. Well, to make it, it is recommended to use sandnes garn Lanett yarn with 14 wpi weight of yarn. For the needle, it is recommended to use it with 2,25 mm size.  For now, there are some sizes that you can choose if you want to get it such as medium and large ladies.

Well, to make it, you only need at least 2 colors to knit the mittens. Then, you can add the next color . to add it, you may use easily a duplicate stitch.

In making this secret pattern,  you can make every 4 stitches of the floats of yours then the inside of it keep clean and tidy.

The Show-off Stranded Pattern

Such as the previous pattern, this pattern includes in knitting craft in which the needlework of Anne C had published it in March 2008. The category of this pattern is a sock. The art tasty of twisted fiber is a yarn which is recommended for it. Same as a secret pattern, the size of the needle is 2,25 mm. The size of this sock knitting which is ready is medium for women.

The stitch of this show off pattern is easy to make and very fun. It also seems beautiful whatever the yarn used to make it. If you want to make it and want to get an interesting result, you may use an architecture which is unique and different.

So, those are the stranded knitting patterns free Ravelry.

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