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Do you want to learn about the paper origami step by step? Well, that’s just great since origami is actually such an easy artwork but with stunning results. Forget the ideas of paper plane or ship since they are quite easy. Now, you can try to make the origami of some kinds of animal. What are they?

Bird Origami

Many people just love to make it for the belief that your dreams will come true. So, there are many steps but they are not difficult. Prepare a square paper and then fold them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally with the same size. Open the fold. Make a tulip from the folds by putting them together in the middle and flatten it. Fold two sides of the paper down and from the other two, you can form the head and tail of the bird.


The next origami you should try is the bat. Similar to the bird, prepare a sheet of the square paper and then fold it diagonally. Fold a little the upper part of the paper and then fold also the sides diagonally. Fold the upper part again in the middle t form the head. For the sides, open them also a little to form the wings.

27 Inspiration Photo of Origami Crafts For Kids

Origami Crafts For Kids 15 Kid Friendly Origami Crafts Bright Star Kids

As a teacher or parents, it is important for you to build your children or students’ creativity. One way to make it succeed is by teaching them in making origami crafts for kids such as animal origami. An animal Origami is also very popular with children. Its cute shape and portraying a life make this toy-shaped origami much in demand. Toys can also be made and also made as learning for students.

Origami which will be discussed this time is origami rabbit. This rabbit origami is very simple. Kindergarten children can easily make it. It is enough with the five simple origami rabbit steps, it was finished.

Complete these things!

You do not need many things to make this origami. You only need:

  • Origami paper. The paper used is square paper. Use paper with a variety of colors and sizes, so that origami rabbits can be played together.
  • Pen or marker

How to Create it?

Here’s how to make origami rabbits:

(a) Fold the paper up diagonally so that it forms a triangle.

(b) Fold the bottom up according to the image.

(c) Fold the lower left corner up, do it for the right side.

(d) Rotate 180 °.

(e) Take the top end a little, then fold it in.

Then, it has become a rabbit head origami. Don’t forget, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth at this origami rabbit using a marker. So, do you have any other ideas of origami crafts for kids?

27 Inspiration Picture of Origami Decoration Bedroom

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The origami decoration bedroom is other ways to decorate your wall with a fabulous DIY art project. If you are the person who loves this art paper project, make origami decoration art is perfect. There is some awesome origami paper art that perfect as your bedroom decoration.

  •    DIY origami string light. The string light is just additional decoration for your origami artwork. In this string light, you can add origami artwork such as boxes origami, butterfly origami, and others.
  •    Bird shape origami artwork. The bird shape is the most popular origami artwork. Get small twig and then paint or refinish with polish. Then hang the bird shape into the twig. You can make as the frame with wood frame, or just add into the wall.
  •    Bird origami with a crystal ball. In this artwork, you can make a wind catcher from the rope, and insert the crystal ball and hang colorful bird shape origami artwork.
  •    Origami paper flower. With the colorful paper flower, you can make a beautiful paper flower and patch it into your wall.
  •    Paper Dahlia origami wreath. This is a way to make a wreath from paper flower origami art. In the middle, you can add a little mirror so it will function double as a mirror and as decoration for your bedroom.

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Origami Decoration Diy Diy Renters Friendly Origami Ceiling Decoration

Who does not love origami? Originally comes from Japan, folding paper to create unique and adorable shape has become popular around the world. Origami can be used as a fun activity with kids, or even decorations for your house.

Since making origami is easy, people tend to make their home decoration by themselves than to buy expensive decorations or accessories for their home. All you need to do is learning how to fold papers in a good way so that it will become a pretty thing to decorate your house. You can search origami decoration DIY online to find what pattern you would like to use to decorate your house.

For example, you can try to do Kusudama origami. It is a paper model created by gluing multiple flowers folded paper together to form a sphere. It is easy to make. You just need to prepare origami paper, glue, and watercolour. You can make it on your own or even ask your kids to help you. Kids would likely to make this Kusudama origami. When it is done, you can hang it in the room. You can also insert it with LED light so that it becomes a glowing flower. Just find the tutorial online and you are ready to craft.

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Origami Kusudama Flower How To Make How To Make Kusudama Flower Ball Kusudama Flower Bouquet

Origami kusudama flower how to make will be discussed in this article. This ball-shaped Kusudama origami is made by uniting some origami (usually pyramid-shaped origami or flowers) in such a way as to form a ball. Origami type Kusudama is very important in the development of origami because kusudama is the origin of modular origami (origami 3D).

The tools and materials needed

The first one needed is paper, you can use paper folding. Then, you also have to prepare strands and glue. Complete those tools and materials well!

How to make it?

Before that, you have to know that for one flower 5 square paper is needed which will become 5 flower petals.

  • Fold the square paper in the diagonal.
  • And now the paper shape that was square is a triangle.
  • Fold the angle of the bottom corner of the triangle towards the top of the triangle.
  • If it’s already folded, now the paper is in a square shape again.
  • Open the fold, then, fold it into a half triangle again.
  • Make sure the fold is no more than the square side below.
  • Open one of the triangular folds just by inserting a finger in one of the triangles and then smoothing it out.
  • Do the same for the other triangle.
  • After that fold the triangular portion that exceeds the bottom square in the direction towards you.
  • Look at the white triangle.
  • After that fold in again until the white triangle is closed.
  • Glue one of the new triangle parts folded. Then paste it,
  • The result of one of the flower petals has been made. If the flower petals have collected 5, it’s time to make a flower.
  • Glue on the side of the flower petals and paste the other flower petals.

That’s all about “origami kusudama flower how to make”. It is easy and beautiful, right?

27 Beautiful Image of Origami Projects Decoration

Origami Projects Decoration Easy Origami Christmas Ornament Decoration Youtube

Despite buying Christmas decoration items at a store and spend much money on them, why not creating ones by yourself? Christmas origami can be a good idea and you can do it with your kids. Here is origami projects decoration to brighten your Christmas day.

#1. Origami Santa

Christmas will not be completed without Santa. This origami Santa is absolutely adorable and cute. It is easy to create and you can make it with your kids. The most interesting thing is that you can give Santa different expressions based on your creativity by using pompom, stickers, or pens.

#2. Christmas Origami with Tree Card

Do you want something different to hang on your Christmas tree? The origami Christmas tree cards can be a great idea to take. They are super easy to create and you can hang them up as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

#3. Origami Fox Box

Your Christmas gift will be more special with this origami fox box. You will only need three sheets of square paper to create the gift box. To make the card more interesting, you can use a different color to create it.

#4. Christmas Origami Lucky Star

You can make the star by using strips of paper. Put the lucky stars on the Christmas tree and look at the joy brought by them.

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Origami Crafts Decoration Origami Heart 3d For Decorationdiy Crafts Paper Hearts Design

origami crafts decoration might be considered when people want to bring something different and fresh into the room. There are two different purposes which make people consider the origami craft as decoration. It might be true that in any case, origami is more just about folding the paper. People just want to have fun with this craft. They love to show the result but they do not actually want to display it.

Nevertheless, it can be just such a waste when people fold the paper for making the origami which will not be displayed. More importantly, it is possible that the origami will be thrown away as soon as after it is finished. The origami crafts decoration can bring the benefits of the origami craft further. The origami can be used for the room decoration for instance. They can do it when they have special occasions such as the birthday party. However, people can also use the origami for decorating their daily room. People will love the unique décor result which can be found.

There are various kinds of origami patterns which can be used as the room decoration. The flowers, butterflies, and stars might be the common pattern used by people as the origami crafts decoration.

27 Marvelous Photo of Pikachu Origami 3d

Pikachu Origami 3d Pikachu 3d Origami Pekeo Youtube

Have you ever watched a Pokemon cartoon series? Yep, among children, this film is very loved.

Well, this time we will try to make an origami shaped one of the main characters in the animated film, namely Pikachu. Let’s see the materials and the steps to make a Pikachu origami 3d!

The Pikachu Origami Materials

In this creation, you need

  • An origami paper. We can use yellow origami paper so that the Pikachu impression is quite visible.
  • Pencil, pen, or marker.

The Instructions

  • First, prepare a piece of origami paper.
  • Next make two folding lines that cross diagonally, by folding them into triangular shapes.
  • Then fold the paper down so that it forms a rectangle.
  • Press the end of the paper inward so that it forms a fold inward.
  • Do the same for the other side.
  • Then fold one of the triangular legs upward until the side touches the center line of the triangle.
  • Do it also for the side next to it.
  • After that, fold the edge of the fold inward.
  • Do the same for the left side.
  • Fold the end part as shown in the following image. Do it for both sides.
  • Now, behind our origami.
  • Fold the triangular leg upwards.
  • Fold the right and left “wings” section.
  • Then on the right side, fold the edges sideways to the right. On the left side, fold the edges sideways to the left.
  • Then as a final step, blow the back of the origami, which has a small hole at the end.
  • Add the eyes and nose and give black to the tips of the ears. Then, well done.

So, what do you think of this tutorial of Pikachu origami 3d?

27 Marvelous Photo of Origami Projects For Kids

Origami Projects For Kids Origami Bracelets Fun Origami Craft Ideas For Kids Youtube

Let’s get to know the origami projects for kids. Origami doesn’t have to be difficult. Especially if it is intended to be taught to underage children who are still small. They still have the ability to coordinate the muscles of the rudimentary fingers. However, the ability to coordinate the muscles of the fingers and hands must be trained on them will become better. In addition, folding origami paper to underage kindergartens will create the power of imagination as they develop the reason that they are faced with slightly abnormal forms (not exactly their manifestations). One of the origami references that is suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years is a simple origami house.

The materials which should be prepared

Ask your students or children to prepare:

  • An origami paper
  • Pen/marker

The steps

Then, ensure that they follow the steps below!

  • Provide any size origami paper, which is important not to be too small so they can handle it easily. Any color can be
  • Fold two pieces of paper according to the sides
  • Reopen the fold. We will use the fold line as an auxiliary line for the second fold.
  • At the second fold of the origami this house, we will begin to form the chapter of the roof of the house. Fold the right corner and left the corner of the chapter on the paper to the line that was formed in the first step.
  • we will fold the paper on the roof-forming chapter back to the top, but with a smaller size.
  • Next, let the impression of a slimmer and taller house (in harmony with the shape of the house telling the smoker), then fold the right and left sides of the paper slightly. Then … turn the paper over.
  • .raaaa !!! The house with the chimney is ready.
  • picture of the door leaf and shutters on the origami house.
  • Now, you can teach your students or children with it and the other origami projects for kids.

25+ Pretty Image of Origami Crane Instructions

Origami Crane Instructions Origami Crane Instruction 7 Steps

Following an origami crane instruction will help you to get the proper one. To start the origami, take a fresh origami paper make the color side facing toward you. Make an X-mark line diagonally on the colored side. Bring the plain side towards you and make a plus mark line. The lines or creases is done and make a two-level diamond out of it. The next step is to make a crease by folding the bottom part of the paper. Then, do the same creasing process on the top part.

The next part of this origami crane instruction is quite tricky. Pull the bottom part of the paper into the top part while you flatten both sides. Cover the plain side of the paper with a colored paper by pressing it inward. Do the precious tricky method on the other side. Once it is done, make another triangle from the bottom part and do the same on the other side.

Now entering the last part of the origami crane instruction, fold both of the bottom parts of the paper upward. Crease it very well before you unfold it. Once the step is done. do the inside-reverse method on both legs. Do another inside reverse on one of the legs to make the head. The last step is to fold the triangles on the top down that act as the wings. The crane is done and you can make a new one.