30 Great Photo of Continental Knitting Tutorial Videos

You may have been used to common knitting method in your local area. English knitting makes you carry the yarn in your hand. However, it may be struggled for some people as it’s not their dominant hand. Therefore, you need to expand your knitting knowledge. There’s actually European knitting which allow left handed person to knit easier.

What is Continental Knitting


European knitting or commonly called as continental knitting is more similar with crocheting since you hold the yarn with your left hand. Meanwhile, you are working the needle using right hand and getting closer to the work.  The movement of needle would be putting the needle through the following stitch and pull the yarn out through. For ease learning, you should watch continental knitting tutorial videos.

Benefits of Continental Knitting

Learning some methods through continental knitting tutorial videos will be beneficial for people who have been used to crochet previously. It is easier since continental knitting let you have your working yarn in your left hand, the same place as the work itself. Put the yarn just behind the work you are doing and needle in your right hand just need to be put in and out swiftly.

Even if the motions of continental knitting tutorial videos are just alike with crochet, it is important to maintain balance tension. Unlike crochet that only use one needle, knitting is using two needle. That’s why even oppression is difficult if you are not used to. One advice I can give you to maintain balance motion is you may want to pin over the yarn around your index finger. After that, you can use your pinky finger to keep the rest yarn safe into your palm. This way, you will be free to move the yarn you are working with.

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