30 Brilliant Photo of Sew Potholders Pot Holders

Live up your skill by making kitchen essential. Start to sew potholders pot holders and get them personalized of your own touch. Sew as many as you can in order to inhibit out of them. Here are instructions you can follow as simple sew potholders pot holders.

  1. Preparation

On the initial step, you should prepare everything you need to sew potholders pot holders. The material including 2 pieces’ square of cotton fabric, 1 piece of square towel cloth, cutting and measure tool, pins and a ribbon for making loop.

  1. Assembling

After preparing all material you need, you can start to assembly those properly. First, put one square cotton fabric with motif upside. Second, Arrange the ribbon to form a loop and place it on the left up corner. Make sure that the loop is facing diagonally and the tail pinned at the corner.

Place the second square cotton fabric on top of it with motif facing down. Then, put the towel cloth on top of it. Here on, you can start to pin all the sides, so that it sticks all layers temporarily.  After that, you can make sure if the towel fit enough with other fabrics. Trim of if needed. Do not forget to leave 3 to 4 inch opening and mark it.

  1. Sewing

Start sewing the fabrics from the mark of opening all the way round to the other side of opening. You can spare ½ inch for seam allowance. After finishing sewing, you can take out all the pins and start to trim all the sides fabrics into ¼ inch from the sewed line. Remember to not trim only the opening part.

  1. Final sewing

On this stage, you can pull out the inside into outside, so that you will have fabrics with motif can be seen. Tidy all the fabrics and fold the opening part to be neat as well. This will help you to final sew potholders pot holders. Start from the opening part and continue all around and Done.

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