Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
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Let’s discuss intarsia knitting patterns! Ok, do you need something different in your living room again? What about comfortable blankets with trendy patterns. Instead of looking at your smartphone, spend time on long TV nights or on a train on the road to the office to knit a large blanket.

Definition of intarsia techniques

intarsia, which is a technique in knitting which is usually used in knits or Tunisia to use several colors of yarn at the same time without cutting or connecting threads so as to produce the desired image pattern, the more thread colors and the number of threads used, the more complicated

You need: Summer Tweed of Rowan’s hand-knitted yarn (silk 70%/cotton 30%, 50 g=120 m) Brilliant (C) 150 g, Reed (A) 300 g, Sweetpea (B) 150 g, Powder (E) 100 g, Butterball (D) 100 g, Harbor (G) 150 g,, Summerberry (H) 100 g, Smolder (F) 100g, Loganberry (I) 100 g, Jardinier (J) 100 g, Raffia (N) 100g,  Mango (K) 100 g, Torrid (L) 100 g, Oats (O) 100g, Navy (M) 100g, Blueberry (Q), Sunset (P) 150g, a pair of Knitting Needles and crochet hooks.

The knitting pattern

Archetype (smooth right): right stitch, left seam left stitch.

Mesh samples: 16 stitches and 23 lines = 10 cm x 10 cm

Knitting in the intarsia technique

When knitting with a count pattern, the row is pulled from right to left  The back row from left to right (left knitted stitch = even line number). This pattern is woven into the intarsia technique. For this purpose use separate balls for each color area. For each color change, cross the yarn on the back of the knit. This prevents holes from forming during color transitions.

Those are the explanations of a blanket with intarsia knitting patterns.

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