27 Creative Picture of Origami Tessellations Tutorial Squares

Origami tessellations tutorial squares are designed by Shuzo Fujimoto. He has found a new origami model with this design.  With a small modification process, you can change a finished job to print and cover based on the general box and square. If you want to make this square, you can concern the following things.

Preparing the Materials

If you want to make it, you should get a high-quality paper. You can buy it on eBay or Origami Shop. Those stores will give you the best origami paper to use. But, if you want to buy it in another store, it is allowed.

Ways on Making Origami Tessellations Tutorial Squares

There are some things to do with that origami paper. Firstly, you need to fold hydrangea or an origami paper to any levels. You can fold it up to 8 levels from the square paper in 20 cm size. Then, open the outside layer and angle. Cover it with paper in size of 5x5x2,5cm. You only fold that simple square box.

It is possibly used Japanese paper for the top cover and bottom part of Hydrangea box. That paper tends to give a nice impression for a finishing touch.  You may even select harmony paper to change it to present a cute origami tessellations tutorial squares.

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