27 Brilliant Photo of Origami Tessellations Tutorial

Are you looking for an origami tessellations tutorial? Well, here is the place where you can learn about this art more simply. Different from common ideas of origami that form particular things like flowers or animals, this one is more about the grids like in the form of diagonal, round, hexagonal, and more. In general, there are 2 types of origami tessellation, classic and corrugation types. For the beginners, it is much better to start learning from the classic one first.

There are some basic ways to make the origami tessellation including for the classic types. First of all, you need to draw the pattern on a sheet of paper. Then, crease the paper based on the patterns that have been made before. Open the paper that has been creased before and follows the other patterns. Repeat the process until the tessellation is formed.

Some classic tessellations are including the round, square, or diagonal pattern. You can follow the steps mentioned before until the paper forms the tessellation. It is better to practice more since it may make the results much neater and more beautiful. If you have been capable enough to do the classic styles, you can start to try the corrugation which is more complicated.

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